Rubber Lined Butterfly Valve

The SVS Corporation Rubber Lined Butterfly Valve features an innovative design that offers reliability and durability.
Our high performance rubber lined butterfly valves offer lightweight, heavy duty and maintenance free design for high pressure industrial applications.

Rubber Lined Butterfly Valve

product detail

Standard Compliance

· Conform to MSS SP67, API 609, EN593, in general.

Production Range

· Size : DN 50 to DN 3000 (2 inch ~ 120 inch)
· Working Pressure : Up to 10 bar
· Working Temperature : -20 ℃ ~ +160℃ (Depends on seat material)
· End Connection : Wafer, Semi-lug, Lug, Double Flange

Connection Flange

· ANSI B16.1 CL. 125 & B16.5 CL. 150 / MSS SP44 CL. 150
· AS129 Table D & E / EN 1092 PN6, PN10
· BS10 Table D & E / DIN2501 PN6, PN10
· ISO 7005 PN6, PN10 / KS B 1511 / JIS B 2210 5K, 10K
· SABS 1123 Table 1000/3 & Table 1600/3

Face to Face Dimensions

· Conform to EN 558, ISO 5752, MSS SP67, JIS F7480, ASME B16.10 and API 609


· Air Conditioning
· Air Line
· Water Works
· Ballast amd Bilge system
· Chemical Processing
· Power Plants
· Desalination Plants

· Shipbuilding Industry
· Drilling Rigs
· Dry Powder
· Food and Beverage
· Gas Plant
· Heating Line
· Mining Industry

· Paper Industry
· Sand Handling
· Sugar Industry
· Waste Water
· Water and Others
· Thermo Technical                                                                Watertreatment

General Features

100% bi-directional tight shut off.
Installation without restriction in direction of flow.
Reduced Weight and overall dimensions.
Low pressure loss and reduced energy costs.
High Kv / Cv values.
Easy to clean and disinfect for portable water systems etc.
Self cleaning(No residue will be trapped).
Good resistance to corrosion.
High reliability.

No Gasket Required

Flange gaskets are not required when installation of pipeline.

Low Torque

Valve discs are spherical machined and polished. Every parts of sealing surface is spherical.
These fit together with a smooth and low Torque when close and open.
The raised center seat has the cosine-curve structure.

Pefect Sealing

Seat and Disc is sealed as flat surface matched both top and bottom stem point This unique sealing give perfect tight at low torque and smooth touch.   And gasket with 3 molded O-rings gives self-adjusting and positive sealing in both directions.

Top flange

Top flange dimensions are in accordance with ISO 5211.

CO-Series Construction

Taper pin( or bolt ) to provided to fix disc into the stem.

Type Model Numbering

·Model COWR
   Concentric WAFER type Rubber lined Butterfly Valve

·Model COSR
   Concentric SEMI-LUG type Rubber lined Butterfly Valve

·Model COLR
   Concentric FULL-LUG type Rubber lined Butterfly Valve

·Model COFR
   Concentric FLANGE type Rubber lined Butterfly Valve


Butterfly Valves are confirmed to API 598 and BS5155.
Body pressure test to be done 150% and seat to be 110% of maximum working pressure.


· Bare stem type
· Worm Gear Box
· Pneumatic actuator
· Lever
· Electric motor actuator
· Hydraulic actuator

Construction of Materials

Dimension Table

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