Butterfly Valve made in South Korea.

the leading manufacturer

We are exporting especially Butterfly Valve, Double & Triple offset type as a reliable supplier and have a good reputation in this fields. SVS valve is focused on meeting the needs and requests of our customers while continually improving the effectiveness of our quality management.

SVS is a technology innovative company with ISO 9001,

Classification Certificates (ABS, DNV, LR, BV, etc.), Fire Safe Certificates and have lots of patents. Also provide various smart solution for valves together with professional technicians have many experience in developing high performance butterfly valves.

mission statement

Let’s pioneer a new markets through continuous technology development


SVS is a company dreams a family-like company.
We hope many love & support.

SVS pathway

company history

SVS has built a reputation for excellence over the years by providing exceptional value and quality products, as well as individual customer service and on-time delivery. A completely integrated product line that is innovatively built to address the genuine needs of the process industry has always been the important element.


quality assurance

Our company is in all production activities, we develop quality management at the company level into customer-oriented quality activities and implement quality organizations, quality policies and quality objectives to efficiently manage quality