Double Offset Butterfly Valve

The SVS Corporation Double Offset Butterfly Valve features an innovative design that offers reliability and durability.
Our high performance double offset valves are available in soft, fire-safe and metal-seated and can satisfy various operation standards in a wide range of industrial applications.

Double Offset Butterfly Valve

product detail

Standard Compliance

· Conform to API 609, EN593 and MSS SP 68
· Fire Safe requirement meets BS 6755 part 2 / API6FA and API Std 607

Production Range

· Size : DN 50 to DN 1000 ( 2 inch ~ 40 inch )
· Pressure : UP to 50 bar
· Temperature : -80℃ ~ +200℃ ( Depends on soft seat )
          : -50℃ ~ +400℃ ( Metal seat )
· End connection : Wafer, Semi-lug, Lug, Double Flange

Connection Flange

· EN 1092 & ISO 7005 PN2.5, PN6, PN10, PN16, PN20, PN25, PN40
· ASME B16.5 CL.150, CL.300 / MSS SP 44 CL.150, CL.300
· AWWA C207 CL. D & E
· KS B 1511 & JIS B 2210 5K, 10K, 16K, 20K, 30K, 40K

Face to Face Dimensions

· Conform to EN558, ISO 5752, MSS SP68, ASME B16.10 and API609


· Nuclear Power Plants
· Petrochemical Plants
· Petroleum Refinery
· Fossil Power Plants
· Desaination plants
· Food and beverage
· Paper industry
· Chemical processing
· Fire Safe line
· Exhaust Gas line & Steam line
· Cryogenic Services
· Ballast and bilge system
· Drinking water
· Theromo technical water treatment
· Mining industry

General Features

This product allows full closure, and featutes characteristics such as low valve opening and closing torque and the ability to be used over a wide range of pressures and temperatures. Available in soft, fire-safe and metal seated.
Positive sealing which is mechanically achieved and does not rely on line pressure assistance.
Fast and simple seat replacement. The aix of disc rotation is double eccentric offset to the seat ring. When the discrotates, it unseats at a small turning angle by this cam effect. Long life durability due to double offset operating principle minimizing seat wear.

Top Flange

· Top flange dimensions are in accordance with ISO 5211


Butterfly Valves are confirmed to API 598 and BS5155.
Body pressure test to be done 150% and seat to be 110% of maximum working pressure.


·  Bare stem type
·  Worm gear box
·  Pneumatic actuator
·  Lever
·  Electric motor actuator
·  Hydraulic actuator

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