best technology,
Global company
The leading manufacturer of Butterfly Valve
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best technology,
Global company
The leading manufacturer of Butterfly Valve
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Quality Assurance

Butterfly valve solution

We are doing our best today to lead the intellectual and strategic market economy through company-wide awareness reform, management innovation, ceaseless R&D and quality improvement, and SVS leads the first-class corporate culture.

Introducing the main business of SVS.

industries we work

The SVS Corporation is the manufacturer of high quality valves for water works, water treatment, municipal and various industrial applications.
As a professional industrial valve manufacturer and supplier, we offer a wide range of butterfly valves. Our high performance product line includes:
double offset butterfly valve, rubber lined butterfly valve, triple offset butterfly valve, water works butterfly valve, cryogenic (LNG) butterfly valve,
LPG butterfly valve. Our valves are produced to the highest quality standards with ultra-modern manufacturing technology and astute materials sourcing.

oil & gas industry

The oil and gas industry relies heavily on pipeline systems for most of its operations right from refining processes to distribution.

chemical industry

When exposed to certain substances and chemicals, metal can erode, rust, and eventually fall apart.

power & energy

A single power plant uses hundreds of valves to control almost every aspect of its operation.

marine offshore

As offshore exploration moves to more remote and hazardous locations, the demand for safe and intelligent flow control systems intensifies.

the most demanding applications.

engineered for reliable performance


Double Offset Butterfly Valve


Rubber Lined Butterfly Valve


Rubber Lined Butterfly Valve
(Non-Disc Pin)


Triple Offset Butterfly Valve


Water Works Butterfly Valve


Cryogenic (LNG) Butterfly Valve


LPG Butterfly Valve

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